Cooking Up Learning: A Homeschooling Day with Vegetable Biryani and ChatGPT

Cooking Up Learning: A Homeschooling Day with Vegetable Biryani and ChatGPT

Unschooling involves tapping into a child’s interests and blending them with subjects to make learning immersive and engaging. It transforms education into a seamless experience, barely distinguishable from fun. Here’s a glimpse of how this unfolded one afternoon with my 10-year-old daughter.

A Culinary Adventure Begins

It was nearing 11 AM, and lunchtime decisions began floating in my mind. Yearning for a break from the usual turkey and peanut butter sandwiches, I thought of crafting something new. Our shared love for Indian cuisine sparked an idea.

From Idea to Implementation: ChatGPT in Action

While working on a project that crafts personalized lessons based on a child’s interests and age, I was introduced to the subject of Cooking and Nutrition. I set it into motion and out sprang a Culinary Creations activity: Vegetable Biryani.

Objective: Delve into the diverse food groups of a traditional Indian dish while mastering the basics of food safety and preparation.


2 cups Basmati rice, 1 cup mixed vegetables (peas, beans, carrot), 1 onion, 2 teaspoons Biryani masala, 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, water, big pot, rice cooker, child safe knife, measuring cups and spoons


  • Rinse and strain the Basmati rice.
  • Cook the basmati rice with 4 cups of water in the rice cooker.
  • While the rice cooks, cut the vegetables and onion into small pieces.
  • In a big pot, heat the oil and sauté the onions until golden brown.
  • Add the cut vegetables and Biryani masala to the pot, and stir well.
  • Add the yogurt to the pot, mix it well and cook it for 10 minutes.
  • Once the rice is cooked, layer it over the cooked vegetables in the pot and know your Vegetable Biryani is ready to be served.
  • Discuss about the ingredients and how they make a complete meal.

A Grocery Dash and Cooking Together

Realizing we lacked Basmati rice and plain yogurt, we quickly mounted our bikes for a swift trip to the grocery store. Once back, we enthusiastically set to preparing our dish.

My daughter confidently measured the spices, while I began boiling the water. As I showed her the technique to dice an onion, she eagerly mirrored my actions, dicing the remaining half.

The aroma that filled our kitchen was tantalizing, especially as we sautéed the onions and introduced the spices. In a short span of under 30 minutes, we were sitting down to a delightful Vegetable Biryani. What made it exceptionally scrumptious? Perhaps it was the heightened anticipation from the late hour, the intoxicating scents teasing our hunger, or simply the shared joy of creating a novel dish together.


This experience was more than just about cooking; it was about creation over consumption, cultivating the skill of following instructions, and the sheer joy of a shared accomplishment. The essence of unschooling.

And guess what? The project I'm fine-tuning can bring such experiences to your homeschooling journey too. Curious? Grab a 5-day sample of custom-crafted lessons tailored to your child's interests here.